Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sex Magician - Dote Dote Dote, Da, Dote Dote Dote, Otay Doe Ahead 08-22-09

Opening song we played at a house show in Mt. Pleasant, MI on 08-22-09. This was the 3rd show we had played in 24 hours and also the best. We played a show at Simerell's in Terre Haute the night before and after that show was over, we left Terre Haute and I drove through the night (nearly killing us all many many times), to make it to Saginaw, MI by the next morning so we could load in and play at SYS Fest at Ojibaway Park in Saginaw with Every Time I Die, Murder By Death and a ton of other bands spead across 6 stages. Us and Hey, Bastard played on a side stage and one of the other bands, Day In Day Out asked us to come up that night after the SYS Fest show another hour or so north into MI to play a house show in Mt. Pleasant. We didnt expect a whole lot but it turned into one of the single best, most fun shows we ever played, I only have footage of about half the set cause the camera died from filming the other shows unfortunately, but what we got was good/ Bethany got her toes broken filming the set, and Jacob puked the the instant we stopped planing. See this old shit makes me want to play right now. As I get the rest of the video converted off the old mini dvds I'll post them along with alot of other shows and footage of Sex Magician and maybe even some really old footage of me playing with Hey,Bastard and some other shit.

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