Saturday, August 3, 2013

7" of the Day -- KATA SARKA & BODDICKER - "The David Lee Gorgoroth EP"

 7" of the Day is the KATA SARKA // BODDICKER split, "The David Lee Gorgoroth EP". This 7" vinyl version was released just this year by Reality is a Cult, a killer little label based out of Bloomington, IN. It was previously available on Cassette, through 18 is 9,  in a limited run of 100 tapes, which are long sold out. This vinyl 7" edition is still available I believe but is also a limited run of only 500 copies, all on Black vinyl. So lets get to the actual jams at hand.

Side A is sees Indianapolis's lords of Crusty Black Metal, KATA SARKA, deliver 2 killer jams. The first track is "Mired In Spleen", as savage romp through Black Metal, Crust, Hardcore Punk, & a bit of D-Beat. Its raw, visceral, and violent. It clocks in at a little under 5 minutes and is pure devastation throughout. This track is also the opening jam on their most recent release the amazing, "Crucible of Misanthropy". "Poaching The Boar" continues the onslaught, and is no less intense. Its about a minute shorter, clocking in around 3:38, and again proves why KATA SARKA are one of the Underground's most promising bands.

These 2 tracks were recorded by Carl Byers in April 2012. Byers continues to get excellent recordings from bands under his Clandestine Arts Recordings banner, when he's not killing it in another of Indy's most devastating bands, COFFINWORM. If you check this out and dig what you hear, definitely check out KS's other releases as they have a few of them now. I would especially recommend the "Existential Oblivion" cassette or the "Crucible of Misanthropy" cd.

Side B of this little monster record comes to us from Indy's  BODDICKER. These guys deliver 4 jams on their half of this split, with the opener being "Every Crime A Trophy". Its fast, raw, and just fucks you up with Crust covered Powerviolence and Grind. For a little over 2 minutes, they absolutely assault you with this aural beatdown. If you dig NAILS, you have to check out this fucking band. "Choice" is up next and is the shortest track on here. Its a 26 second blitzkrieg that melts faces. "Rise of the Downtrodden" follows and is a killer battle between bad ass groove ridden sections, and faster paced blasts. Its the longest track on the BODDICKER side, but still is only about 2 and a half minutes. They close things out with the filth ridden Grind of "They Fix Everything". Aggravated Battery never sounded so goddamn good.

BODDICKER's tracks on here were also recorded by Carl Byers, but in Detroit, with The Clandestine Arts Mobile Studio, in May 2012. If you dig Extreme Metal, particularly Black Metal with a helping dose of Crust, and Crust infused Grind/Powerviolence, then you must check out this split EP. From there you can check out KATA SARKA and BODDICKER's individual efforts.

Andrew Glen Sweitzer

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