Sunday, March 8, 2015

Submissions from Bands

Ive gotten individual messages asking before so I'll just make this post for the future, although also feel free to message me...

Any bands, artists, or labels who want me to review their demo, album, EP, LP, CD, etc, I am more than willing to do so just send me a copy... my address is
7789 E 700 RD
Martinsville, IL 62442

Feel free to include any other merch, money, illegal chemicals, etc as I am totally open to being bribed lol... I will check out digital downloads too but I MUCH prefer a physical format, even if its just a CDR... so yeah.. now send me some jams...

PS if you are in a band and need a bio or some other kind of write up thing, I can also do that for you and have done so in the past for other bands such as SS WEB, who's bio on their Facebook, Website, etc I wrote....

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