Monday, July 22, 2013

Vinyl Album of the Day...ED GEIN - "3 Song Demo + It's A Shame..."

Ed Gein - Three Song Demo + It's A Shame... CD / Record cover
Released in 2006, jointly, by Hex Records and Shock Value Records, this 12" LP combines ED GEIN's 3 song demo from 2002, which was originally put out on CD by Hex Records and Hope To Die Records,  and their debut full length, "It's a Shame a Family Can Be Torn Apart By Something as Simple as a Pack of Wild Dogs", which was originally released on CD in '03 by Hex Records. It was a limited edition release with only 700 pressed on red with brown smoke colored vinyl. Its housed in a beautiful gatefold LP sleeve featuring new artwork and full lyrics printed on the inner sleeves. Side A begins with the tracks from the demo, starting with "Bathed in Orange". The track opens with a sample from the first Friday the 13th film, with Nancy Voorhees saying "KILL HER, Mommy, KILL HER" before ripping into violent Hardcore Punk inflected Grindcore. The sonic attack from the demo continues for roughly the next nine minutes, encompassing the tracks "Score One For Team Bitch" and "Willy Loman". The next track, "You Suck At Life and I'm Not Talking About the Board Game", marks the beginning of the "It's A Shame..." material. It shows ED GEIN getting a bit more technical, expanding on their Grind/Punk sound, and lyrically is just kind of a classic Hardcore style "fuck you" to the naysayers and shit talkers. As I mentioned they used Friday the 13th samples on the demo material, and again used samples from a film on the full length material, but in greater amounts. Samples from "Donnie Darko" appear throughout the debut album, usually at the end of each track. After "You Suck At Life...", we get the furious blasts of "The Marlboro Man Is A Douche Bag" which is a slam on smoking/smokers, as the band are Straight Edge, and "A Way To Kill Old People" to close out Side A. Side B continues the savagery with opener, "Nice Shoes...Wanna Fuck?" with its noise and feedback drenched chaos, its a diatribe against promiscuity and whoring around.  The one, two punch of "I Wish You The Best..." and "....And By Best I Mean Worst" are the next 2 jams which are the 2 shortest songs on here with them clocking in at 1:47 and 0:57, respectively. They are another example of "fuck you, asshole" type jams.  Next we get "Beating A Dead Horse" which is maybe the longest original jam which is about  2:39. "What Is This Monstrosity?" is the final original jam, and on the original cd release its the final listed track before a long bout of silence and the "hidden" song. The silence is cut out for this vinyl release and we go straight into the actual last song which is a cover of NIRVANA's "Very Ape". Its a killer rendition and aside from the screaming vocals and a few other tidbits, they play it pretty straightforward. They don't turn it into a Blastbeat ridden Grind tune, but just give it a bit of a Hardcore kick in the dick.
As I said this record combines ED GEIN's first 2 releases, their 2002 Demo and their 1st full length album, "Its A Shame..." from '03. Their 2nd full length, the amazing "Judas Goats and Diesel Eaters" would be released in '05 through Black Market Activities. The following year, 2006, is when this vinyl compilation of their early stuff was released. After this LP, the band was quiet for 5 years, until finally in 2011 they unleashed their 3rd album, "Bad Luck", on Black Market Activities. If you get a chance, pick up any or all of this shit cause its all killer.

Andrew Glen Sweitzer

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